Pre-Owned and Certified Pre-Owned: What’s the Difference?

The Difference Between a Used and Certified Pre-Owned is Peace of Mind!

Shopping for a new model vehicle can really break the bank. Instead of spending more than you should on a vehicle, consider shopping for a used or certified pre-owned model vehicle. These vehicles tend to be cheaper than new vehicles, which grants you instant savings. Although, what’s the difference between these vehicles?

A used vehicle is a vehicle with a previous owner. It has multiple cost-saving advantages and siding with one can save you money. This is because a used vehicle has:

  • A Lower Sticker Price:
  • Fewer Hidden Fees
  • A Lower Registration Rate
  • A Lower Depreciation Rate

Aside from cost-saving advantages, used vehicles also offer more options. This is because when you enter a dealership, you already have a number in your head of how much you would like to spend. Since a used vehicle costs less than a new model vehicle, there are more makes, models and trim levels that you can afford!

With this many advantages to a used model vehicle, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want a new model vehicle. Although, a new model vehicle is ensured to be running at peak performance and it comes with a warranty. The catch is, you can experience all of those same advantages by siding with a certified pre-owned vehicle.

A certified pre-owned vehicle is technically a used vehicle. The difference is that it has passed a multi-point state inspection and it tends to come with a warranty. That means that you can experience almost all of the same great cost-saving advantages that you would with a used vehicle and still get peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is running at its best. That means there are no worries of breaking down on the side of the road!

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