Spring Services at Par-K Enterprises

Spring is finally here, and before you know it flowers will start blooming and the cold and somewhat harsh winter will be a thing of the past! Before all that real spring beauty arrives, you'll want to make sure your vehicle is ready. Here are a few spring car services our service center here at Par-K Enterprises can help you with.

Tire Changes

If you still have your winter tires on, it's probably safe to take of them, especially if you have studded snow tires. All-season tires are far quieter than winter snow tires (even ones without the studs), and they're made to work better during warmer temps. Winter tires are also more expensive, so you'll really want to reserve that tread!

Rack Removal

If you do a lot of skiing and riding up in New England and have a rack, you'll want to take it off now that the mountains will be closing soon. Driving with a rack on is quite loud and it isn't great for your fuel ratings. If you use a bike or kayak rack during the warmer months, we can put those on instead.

Battery Checks

The winter can be hard on your battery, and after a cold one like we just had you'll want to make sure your battery is in peak conditions. Signs you might need a new battery:

  • Your battery died a few times this winter and had to get jumped
  • Your Jeep SUV or Chrysler sedan or minivan is a little slow to turn over
  • The lights and radio flicker

Car Wash & Detailing

Whether you go to a professional, a self-serve center, or DIY, you're going to want to take care of your vehicle after this harsh winter. Both an interior and exterior wash and detail (or instead of a detail at the very least a vacuum and wipe down) not only help your vehicle look better but also maintain its exterior paint job and interior upholstery. If you go to a self-serve car wash, make sure you choose the setting that rinses the undercarriage. This helps remove leftover salt that can cause rusting.

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