Our team here at Par-K Enterprises is excited about the redesigned Chrysler Pacifica. One of the newest changes in this popular minivan is a new AWD system on gas models. Let's take a look at what other exciting changes you can expect.

Discover the Chrysler Pacifica

The advanced all-wheel-drive system in the Chrysler Pacifica can be enabled when you need it. When the roads are clear, the AWD will disengage so that you can stay fuel-efficient. When you need it, the AWD system will automatically engage for added peace of mind.

The Chrysler Pacifica also carries forward the Stow 'n GO Seating along with a Storage System for added flexibility and storage options to make sure that you have everything for your next trip. When it comes to safety, the Pacifica leads the pack with a range of standard safety features. Using advanced radar systems, features like the Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking System are equipped on each new Pacifica trim.

Advanced Safety Features

In addition to monitoring vehicles, the Pacifica can detect pedestrians easily, warning you out on the road and at lower speeds to avoid a potential collision. Other safety features, such as the Lane Keep Assist, work with the LaneSenese system to keep track of your position on the road. If you start to drift out of your lane, the system can even provide some steering correction to help you stay on course.

The technology inside the new Pacifica gives you a way to customize your command center with profiles for different drivers. The Uconnect System comes integrated with wireless connectivity for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to help reduce the cord clutter. The Pacifica is equipped standard with an impressive 10.1-inch touchscreen, the largest standard option in its class.

For added comfort and luxury, trims such as the Pacifica Pinnacle have added features such as second-row leather pillows, Nappa leather-trimmed seats, and satin chrome trim that make for a more refined look.

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These are just a few of the exciting changes coming to the new Chrysler Pacifica. We invite you to stop in and learn more about the upcoming model and take a look at our existing inventory of great vehicles.

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