Here at our dealership in Fulton, we are proud to introduce the 2020 Jeep lineup to anybody that's still unfamiliar. This powerhouse series from Jeep has been one of the most groundbreaking releases of new models in American auto history. We might sound like we're exaggerating here, but it's the truth - the 2020 Jeep lineup is really quite impressive.

Explore the New Jeep Gladiator

What's particularly new about this array of Jeep vehicles is that every model feels like it received individual attention throughout its update and redesign process despite the release of so many different vehicle types. The Gladiator, the newest model from Jeep, is undeniably the crown jewel of this lineup. With a clear, forceful design that grabs your attention, once you get in the driver's seat of this refreshingly unique Jeep, there's no going back.

Jeep Compass

While the Gladiator has grabbed most of the attention for its impressive best-in-class performance features, other models have proven to be just as detailed and evolved. The Compass, a well-known model from the American automakers, has seen a number of redesigns over its 13-year run. With this newest version, however, older models pale in comparison to the impressive reworking of a once familiar vehicle. With updated technology and safety features, as well as improved drivability, the Compass has definitely been reborn.

Jeep Renegade

This just goes to show the real innovation that is going on behind the scenes at Jeep. They haven't run out of ideas, and their vehicles are seeing the benefit. In turn, so are we. Just take the Jeep Renegade. This vehicle has also been through the wringer in terms of design reworking and the like over recent years. Its current drivability and performance have been tweaked substantially in the right direction, making it much easier to handle. It's a very good sign when manufacturers can successfully identify problems in previous vehicle iterations and then take the right steps to fix them.

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At Par-K Enterprises, we get asked a lot about this 2020 Jeep lineup, but the questions stop once people get in the driver's seat of these vehicles. If you want to learn more, consider contacting us! We look forward to meeting you!

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