Having Brake Issues? Our Service Team Can Help!

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That horrible squeaking or grinding noise you hear when you lay on the brakes isn't just an unpleasant sound. Squeaking, grinding, and growling could be signs that your brakes need help. Fortunately, our service center here at Par-K Enterprises is here to provide brake service so that your car can offer the stopping power you need to enjoy a smooth, safe drive.

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Which Jeep Model Should You Buy?

The Jeep Brand has a large lineup of impressive vehicles and each one is tailormade to support a different lifestyle. From a compact, active SUV to a large, family-friendly vehicle, there's a Jeep Brand vehicle for everyone. At Par-K Enterprises, we want to help our customers find the Jeep SUV that fits their lifestyle, so explore the different options and find out which model works for you.


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The Jeep Compass's Power and Performance Versus the Competition's

The 2018 Jeep Compass infuses the iconic Jeep performance within a crossover SUV body style. Offering drivers the manageable dimensions and nimble handling of the crossover segment, Jeep strives to further cement their legacy as a brand capable of outstripping the competition through its integration of advanced mechanical engineering designed to deliver unparalleled performance both off-road and in inclement weather. 

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Put the Spring Back in Your Vehicle's Step with Spring Service at Par-K Enterprises

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While winter seems determined to kick and scream on its way out the door, spring is here and temperatures are climbing. That means that now is an excellent time to schedule some spring service to make sure that your vehicle came away from winter in good enough shape to get you through spring. Here at our service center, we can provide your vehicle with the expert care it needs to get back up after a harsh winter so you can transition smoothly into warmer weather.

Here are a few spring service tips to get your car into tip-top condition for…

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Pre-Owned and Certified Pre-Owned: What’s the Difference?

The Difference Between a Used and Certified Pre-Owned is Peace of Mind!

Shopping for a new model vehicle can really break the bank. Instead of spending more than you should on a vehicle, consider shopping for a used or certified pre-owned model vehicle. These vehicles tend to be cheaper than new vehicles, which grants you instant savings. Although, what’s the difference between these vehicles?

A used vehicle is a vehicle with a previous owner. It has multiple cost-saving advantages and siding with one can save you money. 

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Utilize This Tax Season to Buy a Used Car

There’s No Better Time to Buy a Car Than This Tax Season

The tax season is almost over and you may have gotten your tax return back already. If you have, you can utilize your funds for a downpayment on a used model vehicle. A used model vehicle is an ideal investment to make using your money because of its multiple cost-saving advantages.

Used vehicles, unlike new model vehicles, sport a lower sticker price. That means that they are more affordable and are accessible to a wider-range of budgets. 

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Find Balance Between Wild and Refined with the New Jeep Cherokee

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Looking to head into spring behind the wheel of a vehicle that can keep up with both your daily routine and your weekend adventures? When you need wild Jeep brand spirit in a tamer, more refined form, the new Jeep Cherokee answers the call with its refined styling and athletic capabilities. This compact SUV has plenty of interior space for passengers and cargo, ample up-to-date technology features, and, naturally, incredible off-road potential for those weekend getaways.

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Which Jeep Brand Vehicle is Right for you?

Seeing that the Jeep brand is known for some of the most capable vehicles makes deciding which you should get a lot more difficult. Luckily for you, Par-K Enterprises in Fulton, NY is here to simplify your decision by letting you know what each model in the Jeep lineup excels at. We want to make sure you are getting into the right vehicle for your lifestyle.

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